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August 14, 2008

Corporate Idiocy

There are many things that make me angry but the anger scale varies. For example, the Blogosphere can be a pain in the butt on occasion. There are diverging views that travel in all sorts of directions, but you know you can easily click on Icanhascheezburger and laugh your socks off, reminding yourself that there are web sites that don't exist to create discord for the hell of it.

Things that get me above the internal anger Richter scale are real life things, inequalities and outrageous practices that exist to pamper the elite at the cost of the 'little person.' I'm not a Karl Marx fanatic, nor am I a communist, but some business practices are fucking unbelievable. Upon reading this interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and its opening paragraph, not to mention the impressive salary of one imported CEO, I came upon one interesting observation made by Jeff Lawrence (ACTU):

"It is appalling that one of Australia's largest and most profitable companies can engage in this sort of dishonest and unethical business behaviour."

and in relation to the documents in the SMH article:

"The documents show that if employees vote against the new agreements, the company will not give workers in those business units any general pay rise until at least October next year."

It is appalling. Take it from me - a person who has been sitting here at home waiting for a fucking transfer for 7, going on 8 months, popping Zoloft like daily vitamin supplements because of unethical crap.

July 09, 2008

Post PC Society

The politically correct era, and all its supposedly advantageous work policies (EEO, anti-discrimination, etc) has ushered in a new era in the workplace. It may seem ideal to have formal policies however once complaints are made the process can be lengthy, formal and unproductive. I sometimes think the era before political correctness was healthier. It was the era where you'd express yourself to a co-worker and be heard (whether they liked it or not) and you wouldn't be penalized or reprimanded for it. Forget all the bullshit and hyped up scenarios in the Gordon Ramsay shows. If such behavior existed in today's workplaces in Australia, chefs like Gordon Ramsay would be spending more time consulting lawyers for anti-discrimination, bullying and victimization. Gordon may make many valid points but I doubt that he utilizes the same techniques in real life. You simply cannot call someone a 'fucking lazy pig,' in a workplace, not unless you want someone to take legal action against you, and this is why I think Ramsay popular. His television shows tend to remind us of how life was before the idiocy of political correctness.
I recently watched The Bucket List (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) and a scene unfolded that had me laughing. Jack Nicholson plays a mega wealthy individual, complete with a personal assistant, and in the scene he says (to his assistant), "No one really cares what you think!" I found it hilarious because it was a typical scenario. It seems that wealthy characters (or real life people) feel more comfortable speaking their mind because of the financial perception. Take Ramsay, he is a multi-millionaire, whose forthcoming annual profit will near a hundred million. People who are 'poorer' than this seem to think that they have no right to voice their opinion or act like wealthy 'upstarts.' Being assertive and vocal isn't related to money. We seem to have distinct labels in society. The forthright and assertive individual is always portrayed (in film and reality television) as a wealthier individual and the underdog is always the struggling battler. What would happen if the battler altered their attitude and simply pretended to be a zillionaire? What then? It's not as difficult as it seems.

The most recent story highlighting work victimization is terribly sad. The short version: a female paramedic hung herself a couple of years ago because she couldn't bear the treatment she received within her workplace. The case is unfolding now. The longer version can be read in the Sydney Morning Herald article. It's a tragic story. Christine Hodder almost finished her nursing degree at the time of her suicide, and felt like her male colleagues who allegedly teased her about her appearance and other things, never accepted her and she even wrote a five-page complaint detailing the bullying. She went on stress leave twice. She endured this situation for six years and is quoted, "In the past six years I have been badly treated as other staff members collectively bullied, belittled and intimidated me," she said.
"The staff in this station has constantly alienated and attacked my character and physical appearance since my arrival."

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June 23, 2008

Birthday Wishes & Quitting Time

It's a scene that some people may dread. They are within a work environment that makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill a health spa, and their birthday approaches. This event, as many are aware of, is the office birthday or the day where you cannot outrun your birthday because the office, or department, out of a show of faux friendliness decides to gather all birthdays to show that it cares. I

If you try to outrun your birthday by calling in sick, no worries, they'll make it up the next day; you walk in, faced with silly decorations around your cubicle, thinking 'oh no.' Should your birthday fall on a weekend, you can always look forward to Monday, having people who go through the motions to wish you a happy birthday, before they hand you a K-Mart gift voucher – depending on how much money they have gathered from the other staff on the floor. If people have a beef with you, they won't donate to your birthday or farewell party, as I found out last year when I was gathering monies for a co-worker that was leaving. The moment miffed me so much that I added money from my own funds (the person was also a friend of mine) to buy a decent present for if I left it up to the office drones, I too would have been faced with the glamorous choice of a twenty to thirty dollar shopping voucher/gift certificate, and nothing confirms a lack of imagination more than a gift certificate as a birthday/farewell gift.

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June 14, 2008

The Boss's Wife

What happens when you're female, find out that your workplace wants to transfer you to make way for the CEO's wife, and ultimately fires you half-way through your contract  (when you're pregnant)?

A lawsuit.

Unfair dismissal, based on the claims made by former Nine reporter Christine Spiteri, is common. When certain male employees give their wives or girlfriends benefits, and other staff are shoved aside, it can get nasty and often does, as the current Nine lawsuit shows.

It's all right to marry the boss, if you plan on relocating to a different company, but marrying the boss has disadvantages - if you're a woman. I've never read about cases where the female is the CEO and she marries her male employee. But men are always known to marry female employees. Double standard? Probably. Unfortunately for me (probably because I'll receive backlash for stating it), I've often seen more female girlfriends/wives remain in jobs that they were mediocre at because they dated/married their managers/superiors - and I'm not basing this on television work, but ordinary environments. This is not to say that Leila Mckinnon is mediocre, Spiteri and McKinnon were on the same or similar level. It was the one thing that would annoy me at my last workplace because you knew that whatever input you'd make, regardless of ideas and suggestions, that someone else would be promoted due to their pussy or relationship. And I guess that may be a common sentiment in most workplaces - television or not.

May 06, 2008

Voyeurism & the Workplace

If voyeurism isn’t part of workplace policy or practice, ie a peepshow theater/sex shop, brothel or similar, then voyeurism becomes a pain in someone’s ass - hence a new category in this blog titled, 'Workplace Shame File'. SBS has recently revealed having an in-house voyeur. No names have been released, and no arrests have been discussed, but a person was filming SBS employees in change rooms, and who is to say if the person isn’t currently sitting at home masturbating to the images.

Who can be entirely certain that the images aren’t on their way to some amateur voyeur web site?

What is astounding, in this case, is the incredible delay to alert staff. What kind of duty of care is this? Imagine going to work, as per usual, over a two year time frame and finding out, two years later, that your state of undress was being filmed throughout this time?

I suppose stating the above will make some voyeurs jump up and down, and enter hissing fit mode, but there is such a thing as permission isn’t there? Then again, if a person asks for permission, it reduces the infantile naughty factor, but what gets me about this type of voyeurism is that it's freebie voyeurism - they are cheapskates. It’s one thing to sneak a random peek in passing, but to take advantage and film people without their knowledge does enter the realm of crazy, oops, it’s so politically incorrect to say that isn’t it?


I’m glad I don’t work for SBS, because I’d be seeking a lawyer quick smart if I was and I found out some infantile moron was filming my naked butt (for free) for two years without my knowledge.

Here's my suggestion to police:

How to punish workplace voyeurs #1 - post their naked body (and head) on a huge billboard in the center of the city for everyone to see, and hand spectators an evaluation card to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. Sure, it ain't politically correct, but where is the fun in political correctness?

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