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December 01, 2007

Tie a Red Ribbon...

Today marks an important day, its importance outlines the progress, as well as the staggering numbers343pxworld_aids_day_ribbonsvg of people who currently live with HIV (in excess of one billion in Africa). I remember the early Eighties, and how the diagnosis of HIV was a death sentence. Today, it is the opposite in most parts of the world.

Many countries lead the way toward education, prophylaxis and research, but people are still diagnosed each year. The theme for the 2007 Australian World AIDS campaign is HIV/AIDS: Prevention is Everyone's Business, and that it is. Each HIV positive individual has an important story to tell.

In my culture, and I'm sure in many others, health and wellbeing are two essential staples. Quite often, while growing up, I'd hear (from family), 'as long as I have my health.' When other things go pear shaped, one's health and well being is the primary lever for pulling them through adversity. Thus, the importance of World AIDS Day, and AIDS awareness, enables organizations to educate, and offer those (with HIV or AIDS), a longer lifespan, and a better standard of living.

So give, and give generously.

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